Vrai & Oro

Los Angeles, California
Photography – Paul Vu

The design of the store began by first taking Vrai & Oro’s core values to heart – quality, simplicity and transparency. In a small space within the 1920’s concrete and steel market structure ROW DTLA in the Los Angeles Arts District, the design expresses a refined simplicity while highlighting the spatial qualities of its surroundings.

Custom details are found throughout, such as the linear brass pendants, display cases and curved walnut seating, all designed by WORD. These are set against a backdrop of white walls that curve, bathed in sunlight and shadow, with bright glimpses of light within their folds. An archway intersects the curvature, resulting in an unpredictable, yet familiar – almost classical – space. All the while, the store turns about a central circular column, crafted by the architects as a focal point used to steer multiple visitors within the small shop; the proportions of the column first seem at odds with the size of the store, yet it works as an instrument to lure people around to see what’s on the other side.

Essentially, the design of the store is a vessel – a reflection of a lifestyle, placed within the walls of a modern industrial relic. Here, the combination of natural materials, the warm white and dark surfaces, the beautifully minimal jewelry, and the store’s patrons, all exist in comfortable harmony.