Shoreheights II

Malibu, California
Phase 2 Completed

This 60’s tract home sits on the hillside a half mile from the coast within a development governed by strict CC&Rs that protect all residents’ ocean views. Because the development was based on a series of model homes with minor adjustments accounting for each particular site, and, unable to build a second story due to the aforementioned view protection, this house presented us with a series of problems begging for resolution within a small footprint:  minimal connection to its site, inefficient uses of space, typical energy performance issues, lack of privacy, and poor daylighting–especially to the north and east. Thus, through a detailed reorganization–meaning that small changes were made nearly everywhere while the majority of the original arrangement remained–an extensive reworking of the entire home commenced. Some uses were literally flipped, circulation was adjusted, details were added, as was new area totaling over 500 square feet (including a guest suite, powder room, relocated/enlarged kitchen and new entry court and gallery. The revitalized, budget-conscious home presents a more coherent space with varying zones of use, efficient circulation, enhanced privacy, abundant natural light, cross ventilation, and spectacular views of the coast.