Culver City, California

Sitting within an area known for rapid residential development, this house attempts to add character to a neighborhood lacking uniqueness. The use of broad design gestures pulls light and views into the home, while the implementation of deep curves in the upper mass maintains a sense of interior privacy by creating intimate respites within a mostly open plan.

The double height living space, filled with light seemingly random windows and skylights, enlarge the perception of the space within. This is also aided by the large glass doors facing southeast to a 55’ deep backyard, from which you can look up and across the space to the large window facing the northwest sky.

The exterior color is our attempt to once again battle with prevailing forces of development in the area. We vowed not to make a white, two-story-stacked-box house, so we ventured into a rich earth tone, finishing the lower level with a smooth stucco, while the carved volumes above reveal the texture and shadow play of deep corrugated metal cladding.