Villa 3x3
Residential | Single Family
Jinhai Lake | Pinggu District of Beijing | China
2013 | Concept Design

In order to occupy one of the steepest sites in this lakefront development, the villa design combines a tripartite core with three approaches: structural-organizational-spatial. In the same manner that Asian bamboo scaffolding is assembled for construction projects of all scales, bundling the three cantilevered volumes insures the villa’s structural integrity. Further, by anchoring the home into the land at its base and the hillside, the house is able to reach out to Jinhai Lake’s edge and its expansive views. With much of the villa’s circulation housed in the vertical volume, access to the water - which would be very difficult with a standard hillside design - is only a few meters away. However, the circulation is not completely restrained by the vertical core's structure, but breaks free and becomes an expressive element that is used as a linkage between the two other cores which house the active and passive programs (living/sleeping).

The bundling of the design is reinforced spatially through axial view and light voids which carve through the three volumes. These occur at key moments, focusing the family’s views to the lake, while also utilizing rational placement within the project’s structure and form. Finally, the volumes are sculpted with smooth transitions and high interior spaces that lift the inhabitants upward and outward toward the light and views.