Reflexive Tower
Mixed Use
Seoul | South Korea

The Reflexive Tower applies a thoughtful approach to the urban condition of Seoul by introducing much needed public open space. Clear in its diagram, the mixedr-use tower combines complementary programs and sensitively sets them within a dense vertical setting. In reaction to the common faults of a tower's relation to the sidewalk, the Reflexive Tower refuses to ground itself and, by bending its form to create a hovering commercial plinth, returns precious land to pedestrians in this crowded district. Neighborhood businesses are complemented by the tower's program which includes: retail, offices, a cineplex, hotel, spa, health club, serviced residential, a private school and condominiums. Further, multiple open spaces, or 'urban voids,' are carved from the tower for the use by its inhabitants and, where appropriate, engage the different uses. For instance, one void in the tower becomes a play area for the elevated school, while another is transformed into a garden-like meeting space for the elevated neighborhood.

The tower also abandons the incessant repetition found in the majority of tall buildings. Techniques of spatial registration are utilized, such as the protruding geometries of reflective glass and their coincident inhabitable patios found on the reverse. These protrusions filter through the building, lending a cascading directionality down the tower and toward the street. The protrusions then morph into elements such as the tower's massive piers, used to broaden the breadth and overall expanse of open space at street level.

Designed in Partnership with: Forward Office.