Miyi Tower and Master Plan
Cultural | Mixed Use | Master Plan
New South Town | Miyi County | Sichuan Province | China
2008 | International Competition | Winning Proposal

The tower contains various programs aimed at promoting the region’s heritage and natural amenities. It sits at the edge of the Anning River and will mark the transition between the new urban development to the north and the sustainable development, which includes reclaimed wetlands, leisure and agricultural districts, to the south. The design focuses on utilizing natural and mechanical means of filtration to produce clean water, converting a highly polluted river into a usable amenity for residents and visitors. This new amenity takes the form of a series of lakes, wetlands and waterways which lend form to the new districts in the master plan.

Designed as partner at Studio Shift.

Project Team: Christopher Warren, Mario Cipresso
Master Plan designed in Partnership with SWA Group, Los Angeles