Kuala Lumpur Towers
Mixed Use
Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia
2008 | International Invited Competition

The tower emerges organically from Kuala Lumpur’s urban fabric to become, by virtue of its fluid and sinuous form, a landmark in the regional skyline and a visionary model for the 21st century high-rise. Informed by a commitment to sustainability, connectivity, and interdependence, the tower integrates program, design and engineering in a building that engages intelligently with its unique environment. The building’s form, orientation, and skin respond to the tropical climate, focus views towards the adjacent Petronas Twin Towers, and connect with the dynamism of the city.

The tower emerges out of the dynamic urbanism that defines Kuala Lumpur. At the moment where the tower’s base meets the city, its form unfurls, transforming into a pedestrian bridge that reaches out to forge connections with the Kuala Lampur City Center (KLCC). The scheme intensifies connectivity, encouraging fluid movement between the KLCC and its site, and transforms the street level into a vibrant public space. In place of an autonomous tower, this hybridized building engages in and contributes to the life of the city.

The formal articulation of each of the program areas—boutique hotel, office, residential, and pedestrian bridge—breaks down the scale of the tower and allows for a thin, elegant profile. The building volume separates between the office and hotel masses, creating a vertical court that brings natural light into the workplace and hotel corridors. Spaces transition from horizontal to vertical – offering a richness of cultural and commercial encounters along the way. Circulation, approach and entry sequences are carefully choreographed to afford a series of dynamic experiences and views as the visitor, inhabitant, and employee move through the tower.

Project completed in Partnership with Morphosis while partner at Studio Shift. Thom Mayne (Morphosis), Christopher Warren and Mario Cipresso
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti, Los Angeles
Mechanical and Sustainability Engineer: Buro Happold, Los Angeles