Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial
Cultural | Memorial
Atlantic City | New Jersey | USA
2010 | International Competition

The Harrow

Appearing as a jagged form rising from the dunes, the figure of the memorial acts as an apparatus which inscribes in our memory the history of the Holocaust. Although it appears frenetic and chaotic, once entered, the memorial is a calm, ordered and luminous space.

Based on a rational series of undulating triangular peaks and valleys interconnected as a continuous thin shell, the memorial at once gestures toward the sky and embeds itself in the sand. The apex of the peaks follows the same triangular logic of the plan, while its undulating form is reminiscent of the passage of time and the ever changing swell of emotions that great tragedies impart upon civilization. Conceived as an endless construct, the undulating peaks are simply sheared off at the site boundary, reinforcing its conceptual continuity. The platform detaches from the boardwalk and weaves amongst the structure, and within it, the memorial's patterning is manifest in the form of the Magen David in plan, while a traditional dome is subtracted from the whole, further revealing the order of the memorial and its ceremonial potential.

Project Team: Hana Ogita