Loma Vista Residence
Residential | Single Family
Beverly Hills | CA | USA
2007 | Completed

This home on Loma Vista, in Trousdale Estates, evolved through the desire to unify two divergent uses, that of an event space for fundraising purposes, as well as a private living space with a diverse program, all within an existing home. The design aims to merge a large volume with an intimate program by conceptually intersecting the two with a system of space-defining elements. To this end, a series of elevated platforms add pragmatic use and division to the overall open space. A curving wall element then unifies the space by connecting the discrete areas together. This sloping white wall also serves to compress the entry and direct your gaze to the view beyond while the steel-framed/glass floor mezzanine and open wood ceiling refine the project’s proportions. The result is a cohesive space with varying degrees of privacy, perception and use.

Designed as partner at Studio Shift.

Project Team: Christopher Warren, Mario Cipresso