Rosewood Residence
Residential | Single Family
Los Angeles | CA | USA
2015 | Completed

Rosewood house is a new residence in LA's westside that is shaped by the clients' sensitivity to the site and their initial desire that we do whatever necessary to retain a large avocado tree in the backyard. This somewhat atypical belief about the worth of a sense of place over the dollar value of square footage allowed us to bring in multiple points of access to the landscape. By placing small courts recessed around the home, an abundance of natural daylight is able to flood inside throughout the day.

Other qualities not typically found in a home of this size include two large second floor terraces, a side entrance and play area, a kids' room with loft and convertible bedroom, as well as sliding walls which connect the space between the two terraces.

The home's exterior features metal panels with varying patterns, recessed cedar planks and redwood accents.

Structural Engineer: Eric Lu