Brockholes Forest Reserve Visitor's Center
Lancashire | England
2007 | International Competition

The investigation involved the abstraction of the structural concept of a tree (branching, rootedness, etc.) and the ensuing occupation of that structure. The building emerges from the landscape to the east, lifting up in all directions while still rooted in the site. It is the more public programs that are freed from the ground plane and elevated while the back of the house functions remain physically connected to the landscape. The result of this process is a project that exhibits an interlocking of built form and landscape with programmatic branches as an extension of their interaction. Additionally, a parking garage is located below a green roof that meshes seamlessly with the landscape. The vehicular loop which encloses a temporary bus and recreational vehicle staging area, processes vehicles through to the parking garage or allows drop-off at the main entry.

Designed as partner at Studio Shift.

Project Team: Christopher Warren, Mario Cipresso