Flower Street Production Offices
Office | Creative
Glendale | CA | USA
2018 | Under Construction

Our client is actively transforming underutilized industrial property in northern Glendale and asked us to be a part of the process. This particular site contained an agglomeration of buildings from the past 85 years that had been used for everything from church offices to automotive repair shops. Under tight zoning and budget constraints, we worked with the team through an iterative process to produce a mini-campus for production studios that takes advantage of its proximity to nearby entertainment companies.

The structure with gabled roof was built in the 30's, once literally cut in half in order to widen the road, will be completely rehabilitated. The building's exterior is formed by lines of standing-seam metal, with a section of narrower bands that form a subtle graphic 'cut' between the two diagonal windows. This band wraps continuously up and over the roof, and returns to the ground on the entry facade. We thought it appropriate to leave traces of the building's storied use in the heavily marked concrete floor, which contrasts well with the new open interior and the unique assembly of the original trusses.

More images and further info coming soon.

General Contractor: Sean Kelley Construction
Structural Engineer: Soly Yamini
Owner: Avalon Investment Company